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For Adults

Help adults in your parish to respond to Pope Francis' call to action. We recommend that you begin by introducing Laudato Si' with an introductory event and then invite participants into a small group faith-sharing experience to go deeper. Then invite your people to move toward action, while continuing to offer ongoing formation.

Introductory Sessions

Laudato Si' Powerpoint & Talking Points

Laudato Si' is lengthy (about 40,000 words) and quite dense at times. There are also many misconceptions about what is in it and what it is really about. We have crafted this gorgeous Powerpoint presentation, talking points, and other reproducible handouts to help you share Pope Francis' message with your people.

The presentation contains 50 slides, featuring beautiful photos and graphics, and is organized into an overview and five additional sections. Each section concludes with a slide with reflection questions, to help you lead discussion. Full talking points are provided in a separate Word/PDF file, as well as in the Powerpoint file's speaker notes. Almost every point references a specific section in the encyclical, so you can follow up on details. We address some common misconceptions and concerns, including questions about climate change.

By Paul Canavese • In English or Spanish • Sold per-parish as downloadable resource • $15/parish

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The Catholic Way: Care for Creation

Session + Handout for Praying, Learning, and Living the Faith

This resource gives you everything you need to lead an interactive session on caring for God's creation, including Laudato Si'. It includes talking points and guidelines for a focus on "Praying in Nature," "God, Creation, and Us," "Creation & Society Are in Crisis," and "What Can I Do?" A reproducibe handout mirrors the content in the talking points.

By Ann Naffziger • Sold per-parish as downloadable, reproducible resource • $5/parish

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Small Group Study & Faith-Sharing

On Care for Our Common Home Group Reading Guide

The six small group sessions in this booklet include group reading, discussion, prayer, and action suggestions (for communal or personal use).

Laudato Si' is some 40,000 words and 184 pages long, but it comes alive and is more accessible in this unique, in-plain-English reading guide. This guide offers a summary of every article in Pope Francis’ groundbreaking document and a group reflection process to help everyone read it and understand it. The article numbers in the original are retained for ease in moving between the guide and the actual encyclical.

By Bill Huebsch • 48 pages • Bulk-priced booklets starting at $3.50

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Threshold Bible Study: Stewardship of the Earth

In this Scripture study, Stephen Binz examines 30 key Bible texts dealing with the necessity of our stewardship of earth. He invites readers to experience God's creation as a great gift and a sacred trust, one that God has lovingly shared with humanity. He chooses biblical texts that help readers understand their privilege and responsibility in caring for the earth and humbly recognizing their place within it.

Threshold Bible Study is a dynamic, informative, and inspiring process to enter into a deeper relationship with God through Scripture. Each book helps readers explore (through the lectio divina method of reading, study, reflection, and prayer) new dimensions of their faith.

By Stephen J. Binz • 144 pages • Bulk-priced paperback books starting at $12.95

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Catholics Going Green

A Small-Group Guide for Learning and Living Environmental Justice

This small-group resource examines basic environmental justice themes through the lens of Catholic social teaching and Scripture, through the course of six sessions. The compact, ninety-minute session format is perfect for busy adults who want to stay connected with environmental topics in a meaningful, engaged way.

“Did you know?” facts, profiles of Catholics engaged in environmental ministries, discussion questions, and prayers combine to assist group members in forming local strategies for environmental renewal. Also ideal for interfaith dialogue, campus ministry groups, and themed retreats.

By Walter E. Grazer • 96 pages • Bulk-priced booklets starting at $5.95

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Moving to Action

Creation Care Tips / Consejos para el cuidado de la creación

Weekly Prompts to Care for Our Common Home

One year of paragraph-length reflections. Challenge your parishioners and families to take actions inspired by Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si'. Tips are correlated to the lectionary cycle and/or calendar year. Paste them right into your bulletin, social media feed, email, or newsletter.

By The Pastoral Center and Green Churches Network • 16 pages • English & Spanish • Downloadable, reproducible eResource • $12/parish

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Open Hearts, Open Minds

Working Together on Creation Care even when Some Disagree

This eResource kit will help you move past divisive either/or politics and toward deeper parish conversations on creation care.

Pope Francis is asking all of us to become activists for environmental justice. He wants us to talk together locally, devise local and national solutions, and work to change the systems that keep people poor, endanger creation, and lead to the breakdown of the gifts which God has given us "to till and keep."

By Bill Huebsch • Downloadable, reproducible eResource • $9/parish

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The Joy of Just Living

Living simply, sustainably, and in solidarity with the poor

Pope Francis reminds us forcefully that we need to discover the joy of just living. Just living simply, just living happily, living justly so that others may also live comfortably. As he reminds us, there is great joy in such living. There is the deep knowledge that just living is right living.

This resource brings together the message from four of Pope Francis' major initiatives in a very practical way. Directly reflecting his teachings, this resource will help everyone look deeply into our first-world lives to draw out the desire of the Holy Spirit for us. It leads us to consider all that we have, how much we need, and how to reach out to those who are poor, vulnerable, and forgotten.

The 14 steps outlined in this tool can be used in a wide variety of ways, such as small group faith-sharing, individual study, a week-by-week focus reflected in preaching or bulletins, or even the basis for retreat-like experiences.

In English or Spanish • Sold per-parish as downloadable resource • $12/parish

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The Original Encyclical

On Care for Our Common Home (Laudato Si')

by Pope Francis

In his second encyclical, Pope Francis follows and expands on Catholic teaching on mankind's responsibility to care for God's creation, and protect and care for the most vulnerable. This letter builds on the teachings of previous popes including Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Saint John Paul II.

176 pages • Paperback • $12.95 Bulk priced from $11.66

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